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Members of SIBERC made a visit to the Fujian Communications Planning and Designing Institute

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    By invitation of the Provincial Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the members of SIBERC, lead by Professor and Director Bruno Briseghella, Professsor and Dean Chen Baochun and Professor Camillo Nuti from Third University of Rome, made a visit to the Fujian Communications Planning & Designing Institute on 18 September 2014. The intention of the visit was to exchange the knowledge and information between SIBERC and several leading administrative/design/construction departments (or institutes) of the Fujian Province. The latter was represented by members from Fujian Communications Department, Fujian Highway Administrative Bureau, Fujian Communications Planning & Designing Institute and Fujian Highway Construction Headquarters.


    The meeting started by an introductory talk from Director Lv Tiao at Fujian Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. It was followed by a welcome speech from Deputy director Yuan Wenhong of Fujian Communications Department, which introduced Professor Bruno Briseghella, Professor Chen Baochun and Professor Camillo Nuti. Professor Chen Baochun, on behalf of the College of Civil Engineering of the Fuzhou University made a responding speech, in order to thank the organization of the meeting and the participation of all the relevant departments/institues. Professor Bruno Briseghella, director of SIBERC, made an introduction talk regarding the development and the on-goring research activities at SIBERC. Professor Camillo Nuti, as a foreigner expert at Fuzhou University, made a technical talk on the state-of-the-art regarding the bridge management in Europe.


   A warm discussion was conducted on the topics that had been put forth regarding the cooperation among all the participating members on the development of integral bridges, conceptual design of bridges and management of transportation systems in the Fujian Province. The importance and contributions by SIBERC on development of innovative and sustainable technology of bridge engineering were highly appreciated on the consensus of all the participants.



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