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Members of SIBERC and experts from FIP Industries visited Fujian Traffic Planning and Design Institute

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    November 25, 2014, eight people including Professor Bruno Briseghella, director of SIBERC and Dr. Xue Junqing, both from Fuzhou University, Professor Camillo Nuti, laboratory director and associate professor Silvia Santini, both from the Third University of Rome, Italy, Ms. Donatella Chiarotto, President of Italy FIP Industries and Mr. Ottavio Casuscelli, overseas director of FIP were invited to visit the Fujian Provincial Traffic Planning and Design Institute.


    Mr. Liu Haiqing, Deputy Chief Engineer of Fujian Traffic Planning and Design Institute made a welcome speech and introduced the conference participants to each others. Professor Bruno Briseghella thanked to Fujian Traffic Planning and Design Institute for their active supports on behalf of SIBERC. Then, the representatives of the FIP Industries introduced to all the participants the development and the current situation of the FIP industriale from Italy, regarding its organizational structure and  the main products of seismic isolation and resistance. It leads to warm technical discussions, especially on the practical applications of the seismically related equipments.


    It is commonly agreed that the SIBERC center and the international joint laboratory between Fuzhou University and Italy FIP Industries and that between  Fuzhou University and the Third University of Rome help to promote the scientific research. Their exchange with Fujian Traffic Planning and Design Institute will play a key role in pushing forward the development of Civil Engineering in Fujian Province. Fujian is the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road of the 21st century, and SIBERC and two joint labs will provide the important technical support to our province’s construction of the Maritime Silk Road.



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