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    The Academic Committee of Sustainable And Innovative Bridge Engineering Research Center of Fujian Province University not only instructs policy planning and research work for the evaluation and assessment of the center’s academic activities ,but also is the highest level of the academic research guiding institution, which determines the future research directions of the center.


    The Academic Committee plays a crucial role in the center. It is responsible for the decisions on the academic research directions and long-term research planning of the center for its development. It is involved in all the major projects and provide evaluations of other opening research topics. Moreover, the center will give it’s proposals oon the use of fundings,and organizes the evaluation and promotions on the relevant results. Meanwhile, it will put forth the recommendations on how to rationally use the fundings on the major issue and supervise the following procedure. It should collaborate and organize the academic activities at a significant  level and cultivate/promote the required academic leaders/main characters under the disciplines, by strengthening the cooperation and academic exchanges both internationally and domesticaly among different majors and relevant academic institues.


    Fuzhou University as the founding institution is responsible for the selection and appointment of the director,deputy director and members of Academic Committee of the center.The candidates of director and deputy director are proposed by the members of the committee after consultations. Fuzhou University appoints them after the approval of Fuzhou University or competent authority (the Department of Education, hereinafter) . The Center implementes the responsibility system under the leadership of the Academic Committee through the director.


    The Academic Committee is composed of 7 to 9 experts from China and abroad. There are one director ,two deputy directors. The members of Academic Committee shall be reported to the Provincial Education Department .Among them, the director and the two deputy director shall be the members of the Academic Committee. A term of five years applies to all the members.

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