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International Workshop on Integral Abutment and Jointless Bridges was Held in our College Successfully

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From June 2 to 4, the second international on Integral and Jointless Bridges (IAJB) was successfully held in multi-purpose hall and conference center of the Civil Engineering College, Fuzhou University.

At 10:00 am on the 2th June, 2014, Professor Bruno Briseghella addressed the welcome speech before the workshop. He welcomed professors and participants attending the workshop and affirmed the significance of the workshop. The meeting started at 10:10. Professor Baochun Chen, dean of College of Civil Engineering, Fuzhou University, surveyed the current status of the research and applications of jointless bridges of Fuzhou University. Professor Tabatabai Habibollah made a presentation on calculation of secondary continuity forces at supports. The participants had a short break after a simple lunch. It concluded the workshop in the morning. At 14: 00-18: 00, Prof. Upul Attanayake made a presentation on maintaining semi-integral skew bridge alignment during thermal expansion/contraction. Following that, several PhD candidates reported their research status and plan on the jointless bridges. The conference of first day also ended.

On the next day, the conference was held in Conference Center of School of Civil Engineering. Professor Sennah Khaled made a presentation on the Canadian Codes of highway bridges with the content relevant to IAJB highlighted. Professor Fuyun Huang made a presentation on review of seismic performance of IAJB. Following the presentation of a PhD candidate, Miguel Munoz, the participants made an active discussion. At 14: 00-18: 00, the workshop continued with a presentation of Prof. Haibollah Tabatabai on design consideration for approach slabs in jointless bridges and of Prof Habibollah Tabatabai on calculation of longitudinal bridge movement. Following the presentations, relevant academic discussions were held.

    On the third day, the meeting started at 9:00 with a presentation from Professor Sennah Khaled. Then, Prof. Upul Attanayake made a presentation on temperature gradient effect on link slab moment. After the lunch, the professors and several participants went to Xiamen and Zhangzhou to have a technical visit. So far, the workshop has drawn to a successful conclusion.

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