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Baochun Chen

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Name:Baochun Chen



Post:Executive Vice Director



Research:In the areas of arch bridge, jointless bridge, composite structure, ultra high performance concrete bridge, and hollow slab bridge etc

Education and Working Experience

Prof. Baochun Chen, born in Apr. 1958, is doctor of engineering, doctoral tutor, and the leader of bridge and tunnel engineering of Fuzhou University, receiving the special government allowance from the State Council. He is also the outstanding talent of Fujian Province. He is currently the dean of the College of Civil Engineering, Fuzhou University. He also serves as the vice president of Steel- Concrete Composite Structure Branch of China Steel Structure Association, executive director of Bridge and Structural Engineering Branch of China Highway and Transportation Society, council member of Bridge and Structural Engineering Branch of China Civil Engineering Society, and director member of Fujian Province Branch of National Building Identification and Reinforcement Technology Committee. He is the editor of “China Civil Engineering Journal”, “Journal of Building Structures”, “China Journal of Highway and Transport”, “Open Journal of Civil Engineering”, and “Advanced Concrete Construction?An International Journal”.

His research interests are in the areas of arch bridge, jointless bridge, composite structure, ultra high performance concrete bridge, and hollow slab bridge etc. His research and application of concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge is at the international leading level. He has published more than 200 articles in domestic and international journals, and “Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Arch Bridge (2nd Edition)”, “Jointless Bridge”, and other monographs. He was also the chief editor of the six International Symposium and author of the Arch Bridge Chapter of “Bridge Engineering Handbook”.

He has completed 3 projects from National Natural Science Foundation, 2 international cooperation projects of Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 General Program and 1 Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation, and 1 project from the Ministry Transport. He has participated in or presided over 2 provincial and ministerial level specifications or standard, and presided over 1 national standard. He has participated in or presided over the design and research work of more than 20 national key projects, such as the Zhengzhou Yellow River Highway Bridge and Shenzhen North Station Bridge. He has won the 1 item of Second Prize of State Scientific and Technological Progress Award (7th rank), 2 items of First Prize of Fujian Provincial Scientific and Technological Progress Award (1 for 1st rank and 1 for 4th rank), 6 Second Prize (4 of 1st rank), 1 Third Prize (1st rank),1 Second Prize of China Construction Science and Technology Award (2nd rank) ,and 8 utility-model patents. He had hosted the international conference on arch bridge and other meetings at home and abroad and gave reports more than ten times in meetings at home and abroad.

He has written textbooks of Bridge Engineering and Long Span Bridge and in charge of the building and teaching of the provincial excellent course Bridge Engineering, the bilingual course Long Span Bridge. He teaches postgraduate course of CFST arch bridge and PhD course of Calculation theory of arch bridge and won the reward of Provincial Top Teacher and Baogang Excellent Teacher. He has trained 12 PhDs( 1 international student) in which 4 of them won Provincial Best Paper Award, 3 of them won Lu Jiaxi Excellent graduate students and himself won the Lu Jiaxi Award for the best tutor.

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