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Yizhou Zhuang

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Name:Yizhou Zhuang






Research:His research interests ranges from building structure, bridge structure to construction materials.

Education and Working Experience

Yizhou Zhuang, born in China, a Canadian, is now a Distinguished Professor of Fuzhou University. He earned a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from East China Jiaotong University in 1986 and a Master degree in Structural Engineering from Taiyuan University of Technology in 1986. Then he worked there as a lecturer. In 1992, he started to study as a PhD candidate in Dalian University of Technology and gained his first PhD in Structural Engineering in 1996. After the graduation, he moved to Zhejiang University as a post doctor for two years’ duration. After that, he had been working there as an associate professor till 2003 he migrated to Canada. During his stay in North America, he worked as an EIT in Michigan, USA and a P.Eng in Ontario, Canada, and also earned his 2nd PhD majoring in Bridge Engineering in Wayne State University (USA) in 2007. He came back to China in 2010. He is now is a full time professor of Fuzhou University.


1.Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering, Wayne State University
2.Principles of Mechanical Components ,Wayne State University
3.Assessment and Upgrade of Structures , Wayne State University
4.Evaluation and Design of Bridges , Wayne State University,
5.Long Span and Novel Bridges ,Fuzhou University
6.Jointless Bridges


His research interests ranges from building structure, bridge structure to construction materials. He is hosting a China Natural Science Fund and a Provincial Natural Science Fund on the aseismicity and performance of semi-integral jointless bridge. He has designed dozens of major projects and published more than 90 academic papers.

Representative Publications

Long Span and Novel Bridges, Baochun Chen and Yizhou Zhuang,
Proceedings of the 13th International conference on Inspection, Appraisal, Repairs and Maintenance of Structures, Editors: Yizhou Zhuang (Chair) and Baochun Chen, 27-28 July, 2012, Wuyishan, Fujian, China
Proceedings of The 5th International conference on New Dimensions in Bridges, Flyovers, Overpasses and Elevated Structures, Editors: Baochun Chen(Chair) and Yizhou Zhuang, 28-29 July, 2012,Wuyishan, Fujian, China
Skew Bridge Behaviors and Issues: Load Distribution and Deck Cracking, ProQuest/UMI and ETD Collection for WSU library
Jointless Bridges

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