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Junqing Xue

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Name:Junqing Xue


Title:assistant researcher




Research: focused on Jointless bridges, Retrofit of existing bridges, Composite steel and concrete structures.

Education and Working Experience

Dr. Junqing Xue is assistant researcher at the College of Civil Engineering of Fuzhou University (Fuzhou, China) and member of the “Sustainable and Innovative Engineering Research Center”. His main research activities have been focused on Jointless bridges, Retrofit of existing bridges, Composite steel and concrete structures. He graduated with a Bachelor Degree from the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Master Degree from Fuzhou University and a PhD from the Trento University (Italy). He has published 4 scientific papers in Journals and more than 20 papers in Conferences. He has been involved, as manager or participant in about ten research projects, such as the research project of Universita IUAV di VENEZIA in Italy:“Ponti Integrali: Una soluzione sostenibile per l’adeguamento di ponti esistenti”, the science and technology development fund of Fuzhou University: “Research on the mechanism of flat plate approach slab in jointless bridges”, the research project of Anxi Highway Bureau, Quanzhou: “Research on the technology application of the semi-integral abutment bridge” and so on.

Representative Publications

[1].Junqing Xue, Bruno Briseghella, Enrico Mazzarolo, Tobia Zordan, Baochun Chen. Italian National Road Authority IABs strategy. IABMAS 2014 (submitted)
[2].Bruno Briseghella, Tobia Zordan, Baochun. Chen, Junqing. Xue, Yufan Huang. Steel Arch Bridges in China. XXIV Congresso C.T.A. Torino, September 30- October 2, 2013
[3].Junqing. Xue, Bruno. Briseghella, Baochun. Chen, Tobia. Zordan, Enzo. Siviero, Stefano.Oddone, Ferdinando.Mattia, Retrofitting of simply supported bridges using integral abutment bridge concept. Twin conference of 5th New Dimensions in Bridges, Flyovers, Overpasses & Elevated Structures and 13th International Conference on INSPECTION, APPRAISAL, REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE OF STRUCTURES, Wuyishan, China, July 27-29, 2012.
[4].B. Briseghella, T. Zordan, 兰成, 薛俊青. 超长整体式桥台桥梁. 第二十届全国桥梁学术会议(2012年), 武汉, 中国, 5月15-17, 2012.
[5].T. Zordan, B. Briseghella, C. Lan, J. Xue. Long term behavior of an Integral Abutment Bridge designed for its limit length. IABSE-IASS Symposium 2011, London, UK, September 20-23, 2011.
[6].J. Xue, B., Briseghella, B., Chen, “Effects of debonding on axial loaded circular cfst columns with different slenderness ratios”. Proceedings of the 3rd Chinese – Croatian Joint Colloquium "Sustainable Arch Bridges", Zagreb, 14 July 2011.
[7].J. Xue, B. Briseghella, B. Chen, Parametric analysis of debonding on the circular CFST structures, International Conference “The Structural Engineering World Congress (SEWC)”, Como (Italy), 4-6 April 2011
[8].J. Xue, B. Chen, B. Briseghella, Numerical analysis of the Influence of Debonding on CFST Single Tube Arch, Arch10 - 6th international conference on arch bridges, Fuzhou (China), October 2010
[9].J. Xue, B. Chen, B. Briseghella, Experimental research on debonding in concrete-filled steel tubes columns subjected to eccentric loading, IABSE Symposium, Venice, September 2010

[1].Jun-Qing Xue, Bruno Briseghella, Bao-Chun Chen. Effects of debonding on circular CFST stub columns. Journal of constructional steel research, 69 (2012) 64-76.
[2].Alberto Zanchettin, Bruno Briseghella, Tobia Zordan, Junqing Xue. Behaviour of a moment resisting composite steel and concrete joint under alternate loading. 施工技术. 2011, 40 (342), 93-101

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