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Kangming Chen

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Kangming Chen, Ph.D., Assistant Researcher atthe College of Civil Engineering of Fuzhou University, member of Sustainableand Innovative Bridge Engineering Research Centre (SIBERC). His main researchinterests include steel bridge, fatigue of concrete-filled-steel-tube (CFST) joint,bridge maintenance and reinforcement. Dr. Chen received his bachelor degree in CivilEngineering from Fuzhou University in 2007, master degree in Bridge and TunnelEngineering from Fuzhou University in 2010, and doctoral degree in Civil and BridgeEngineering from Nagasaki University of Japan in 2013. During his Ph.D. study,he contributed to accomplish research projects on design principle and methodof steel arch bridge, fatigue mechanism and solution for steel truss bridge. Hehas published 15 papers in national and international journals and internationalconferences. His recent efforts are devoted to study of bridge maintenance andreinforcement and fatigue of CFST joint supported by National Natural ScienceFoundation of China.

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