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Luigi Fenu

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LuigiFenu, receivedhis M.S. in Civil Engineering at the University of Cagliari, Italy in 1984, from1984 to 1996 as a structural engineer, from 1996 to 2000 engaged in the StructuralEngineering Laboratory of University of Cagliari, and since 2001 has served asassistant and professor. The main fields of his research are: First, innovationof building material, especially brittle and quasi brittle materials; glassstructure; innovation and application of stone material and quasi brittlematerials; and innovative application of soil in building structures; conceptdesign of bridge structure, structural optimization and innovation (such asstretching technology of integral abutment bridge etc.); Second, theoptimization of pile foundation under lateral loads, the dynamic behavior of buildingmaterials, especially brittle and quasi brittle materials; Third, concernedabout the current situation of research fields: conceptual design andstructural optimization; structural behavior of soil building; dynamic behaviorof glass materials. He published 16 journal papers and 40conference papershitherto.


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